A crawl space encapsulation system is designed to act like a lining in your swimming pool, preventing leaks. The system is made of polyethylene and requires all the openings in the crawl space to be sealed. A dehumidifier is then placed inside, helping to regulate the moisture level of the crawl space.

Below are just a few of its main benefits.
1. It Improves Your Indoor Air Quality
The encapsulation of the crawl space in your home ensures that it’s safe to breathe for your friends and family, as the resulting circulation of clean air makes the area healthier. The unsealed crawl space is a breeding ground for moisture, which can reseed itself in your home.

Once you eliminate the moisture from your crawl space, it can no longer circulate humid air within the entirety of your home. The system is designed to use dehumidifiers, which will help to keep the moisture at a reasonable level.
2. It Prevents Insect Infestation
Crawl spaces are a magnet for insects and other pests. They help them breed and grow and can also attract other types of bugs. These bugs prefer to inhabit warm, dark, and damp areas. They come out from their hiding spots at night and start making a mess in your house.

The crawl space encapsulation system helps to prevent these bugs from developing, as the home’s interior is the first place they’ll have to look for food. Once the crawl space is sealed, the system creates an unappealing environment for these pests.
3. It Improves Indoor Living Conditions
Crawl spaces that are left unsealed are often the culprits behind condensation and mold. The moisture that is in this crawl space can easily get into your home when the two are connected.

The humidity can also be a problem, as it can cause wood to rot. This can lead to expensive repairs or replacements. The crawl space encapsulation system helps prevent this from occurring, as it maintains moisture and humidity.
4. It Reduces Energy Costs
The encapsulation system seals all the openings that are found in the crawl space, which means that you’ll have to use less air conditioning and heat. This will help to reduce your energy costs, so you’ll be able to save money.

This system is designed to help you reduce your energy costs, as it helps to stop the escape of warm air from your home. You’ll find that you need to use less heating and cooling when the space is sealed, as the system will make sure your energy costs are kept to a minimum.
5. It Protects Your Home’s Foundation
Crawl spaces can have a negative impact on a home’s foundation. This is because moisture can get into your home and cause the foundation to rot. This will make the home look older, and it can also be costly to fix.

The crawl space encapsulation system helps to prevent this from occurring, as it keeps moisture out of the home. It seals each opening that may allow the escape of water, and the system will also help control the humidity of the air in the space.
Now that you know the benefits of using a crawl space encapsulation system, it’s time to have the one installed in your home. You can have the system installed by a professional company, or you can hire a contractor to do so. Either way, you’ll be sure to have a safer home with improved air quality.

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