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America’s No. 1 Air Duct Cleaner, In Birmingham

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Duct Doctor cleans ducts and improves the air quality of homes and businesses in the Birmingham, AL area. In our 12 years of operation, we’ve quickly earned a reputation for fast, reliable and affordable service. Out of sight and out of mind, your air ducting can quickly become the home to dust, allergens or even vermin. To keep your property sanitary, our experienced professionals use patented, truck mounted technology to completely clean and disinfect your airways.

Learn More About Duct Doctor:

Duct Cleaning – we provide duct sanitizing, mold and mildew treatments, air register cleaning and more.

Indoor Air Quality – ask us to install a centralized HEPA air filter, UV light filter, dehumidifier and more.

Indoor air pollution can often times be worse than the air outside! Without proper filtration and maintenance, you could be leaving your family exposed to the misery of allergies or even sicknesses. With low everyday prices and financing available, now is the time to ensure a higher level of air purity. We serve a large radius around our Pelham location, including Alabaster, Hoover and all of Shelby County.

Contact Duct Doctor today at 205-980-0800 for a free estimate, or browse the website for more information about our products and services.


We don’t have a long list of services and things to try to pad the bill and upsell you. We do one thing and do it well – we completely clean air ducts, air vents and dryer vents in commercial buildings and residences.